FAQS - Answers to frequently asked questions

Number of images

approx. 10,000 images

Picture quality

300dpi in RGB

Image formats

DIN A5 to DIN A2 (varies depending on the photograph)

Image search

  • Via topic search

  • Via search field: Enter keywords (e.g. winter, hiking)

Image use in the tourism industry: Free use

The target group "touristic users" includes businesses in the Austrian hotel and catering industry, transport operators (railways, bus lines, shipping, airlines, etc), Austrian tourism organisations, travel agencies and tour operators, tour guides, tourist guides, advertising agencies with clients in the tourist industry.

The target group "touristic users" may use the photographic material within the scope of the type of use available for each individual photograph (see below) to advertise and promote the reputation of Austrian tourism destinations (image advertising, advertising for Austrian tourism businesses).

Image use in the press/media sector and other non-commercial users: Free use

The target group "press/media and other non-commercial users" includes reports about Austria in and by print and online media (newspapers, magazines, no books!), in and by television and radio, and non-profit organisations, schools, universities, adult education institutions, Austrian and EU authorities, and congress, conference, and incentive organisers.

The target group "press/media and other non-commercial users" may use the photographs within the scope of the type of use available for each individual photograph (see below) to advertise and to promote the reputation of Austrian tourism destinations. In the case of journalistic use, only use in connection with the tourism destination Austria is permitted, but not the use in connection with other topics.

Commercial image use outside the tourism industry: Price on request

The target group “commercial non-touristic users" includes, for example, advertising agencies working for clients outside the tourism industry, companies outside the tourism industry, PR agencies, and publishers of postcards, books, or travel guides.

For a fee, the target group "commercial non-touristic users" may separately request to use a photograph for purposes unrelated to the Austrian tourism sector and unconnected to Austria as a tourism destination.

Picture reference: Only touristic use

Images marked "only touristic use" may not be used for advertising products, merchandise, or services lying outside the Austrian tourism industry. These images may only be used in the tourism sector and in connection with the advertised institutions and destinations.

How can I download / purchase images?

  • Click on "Register" and log in as a user of the relevant user group.

  • After successfully registering you can log in with your user data.

  • Search for desired photographs using the search field or topics.

  • Drag the selected image into the collection area at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select resolution and download image or start the payment process (for non-touristic users).

Information and complaints

Please contact us at: foto@austria.info

Types of use:


Editorial use when reporting on current or past events in connection with the Austrian tourist destination both online and offline.


Use on websites and in apps.

Media cooperation

Activities and content promotion in other media within the framework of (paid) media cooperation both online and offline.

Social media

Activities and advertising on social media platforms.

Below-the-line (BTL) advertising

Non-traditional advertising and communication activities both online and offline that are directly aimed at a specific target group (e.g., self-promotion in folders, mailings, flyers, brochures, PR photos, press kits, trade fair advertising, exhibitions and events (event marketing), info sheets, CD/DVD covers, postcards, company and customer magazines, calendars, annual reports, catalogues, and POS material).

Above-the-line (ATL) advertising

Classic advertising both online and offline, including directly recognisable advertising in the mass media (e.g., outdoor posters, advertorials, city lights, rolling boards, megaboards, online banners, cover images for travel agency catalogues).

Commercial non-touristic use

Promotion of products, merchandise, and services outside the Austrian tourism industry.