FAQs - frequently asked questions

Number of photos available
approx 6,000 images
Photo quality
300dpi in RGB
Photo formats
DIN A5 to DIN A2
Photo search
  • Via theme
  • Via search box (input key words)
Use of photos for tourism purposes and press/media: free of charge
Photos may be published in tourist magazines, newspapers, corporate magazines, brochures, flyers, catalogues, websites, trade fair presentations to promote the image of the Republic of Austria, the Austrian National Tourist Office and tourist destinations in Austria.
How to download pictures:
  • click „register“ and complete the registration form
  • log-in with your data
  • search for the required images via search box or theme
  • drag and drop the images into the lightbox
  • click „download“ or start payment process (commercial sector)
Use of photos in the commercial sector: price on application
Advertising agencies and companies (outside of tourism sector), PR agencies, publishers of postcards, books, travel guides.
Restriction on use of photos: no commercial advertising
These photos may not be used to advertise products, trade goods and services outside the Austrian tourism industry. They may be used exclusively in the tourism sector and in connection with the institutions themselves.
Further information or problems?
Please contact us: foto@austria.info


above-the-line (ATL) advertising
ATL communications use media that are broadcast and published to mass audiences:
Advertisements in newspapers or magazines, advertorials, paid content cooperations, outdoor advertisement such as backlights, rollingboard, megaboard, etc. online banner, social media, cover for travel agency catalogues.
below-the-line (BTL) advertising
BTL communications use media that are more niche focused and directed to a certain target group:
folders, brochures, direct mailings, flyer, leaflets, press kit, advertising at fairs/ trade shows / exhibitions, eventmarketing, CD/DVD cover, postcards, company newspapers, calender, annual report, catalogues, point-of-sale material.