Info - Copyright

The Österreich Werbung (Austrian National Tourism Office) image database has around 10,000 images that you can use to design your projects. See also: General Terms and Conditions.

Picture credits and copyright

By using image material from the Österreich Werbung image database, you undertake to indicate the source of the image and the copyright holder as follows:

  1. Image source/rights holder, and, following a forward slash,

  2. the originator (Photographer).

Example: Österreich Werbung /Müller

The name of the photographer can be found directly next to the respective image in the image database or can be requested from Österreich Werbung.

The picture credits can be placed directly in or next to the picture or on a separate copyright page of a printed work. The copyright page must indicate the exact placement of the associated image. For websites, a mouse-over function can also be used (this does not apply to the mobile version of a website).

For all images from our image database marked “Nur touristische Nutzung!” ("Only touristic use!"), please observe the following regulations:

You can use Österreich Werbung images within the scope of the types of use available for each individual photograph, ie editorial reporting in media (newspapers, magazines, TV, online media), for the catalogues and advertising material of travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, holiday resorts, hotels, gastronomy businesses etc. within the tourism industry.

Should you wish to use images to promote commercial non-tourism-industry products, commercial goods or services, please contact Österreich Werbung in Vienna in advance. There may be restrictions on the scope of use of these images for your projects as well as changes in the tariff structure. When contacting us, please state the intended use and the image number. Once the situation has been clarified, Österreich Werbung can issue you with written permission to use the images. Contact:

Please note that Österreich Werbung images may not be used to promoteany country other than Austria. The use Österreich Werbung images to promote places, regions, catering establishments, and hotels outside of Austria is prohibited without exception.

Users undertake to provide Österreich Werbung with two free copies of the publication containing the image used at their own expense.