The Austrian National Tourist Office's photo archive holds some 6,000 images, which you may use to illustrate your projects. See also our Terms & Conditions.

Photo credits and copyrights (Imprint)

We would like to draw your attention in particular to the copyright regulations associated with use of images from our photo archive, which are supplied according to Austrian copyright law (§ 24). All photos from our photo archive must be credited with:

  1. Source/copyright and (separated by a /)
  2. Originator (photographer’s name).

You can find the name of the photographer of each image in the online photo archive next to the photo or by contacting the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Example: Österreich Werbung/Müller

This credit must appear directly by the relevant image or in a separate Impressum (general notes) with each image credited separately to its photographer. If used on a website, the image can be credited with a mouse-over function.

For all pictures in our photo archive marked with “No commercial use” please note the following restrictions:

Images available from can be used without restriction for:

  • Editorials and features (newspapers, magazines, TV, online media, etc)
  • Catalogues and brochures for travel agents, tour operators, airlines, holiday resorts, hotels, restaurants, and all tourist services
  • Production of guide books, etc

If you intent to use images from this archive for products or services not connected with tourism, we ask you to contact the Austrian National Tourist Office in Vienna, stating which images you wish to use and for what purpose. It may be that restrictions on use of images for your project and higher charges for the end-user license agreement will apply. In such cases once the Austrian National Tourist Office has established all relevant information, a written end-user licence agreement will be issued. Contact:

Please note that use of the photo archive images for promote any countries other than Austria is prohibited in all cases. The use of this material from to promote resorts, regions, hotels and restaurants outside of Austria is prohibited in all cases.

Users must provide the Austrian National Tourist Office with two complimentary copies of publications that feature images from this photo archive.