Price list

The Austrian National Tourist Office owns a photo database containing numerous themes associated with the promotion of tourism in Austria.

The Austrian National Tourist Office maintains this photo database not only for the production of its own advertising material, but also, under the agreed terms and conditions, makes selected photographic material available to other interested parties for their own purposes – provided these do not conflict with the Austrian National Tourist Office’s stated mission and objectives.

The Austrian National Tourist Office’s currently available photographic themes are stored on the internet at, where they can be viewed and selected.

Ordering photographic material

The precondition for ordering photographic material is the provision of factual information about the nature and scope of the intended usage and factual information about the customer’s profession and industry sector.

The Austrian National Tourist Office reserves the right to refuse orders without explanation, or to restrict the end-user license. Subject to these provisions, customers may order photographic material at

  1. click „register“ and complete the registration form (chose “non-tourism use”)
  2. search for the required images via search box or theme
  3. drag and drop the images into the lightbox
  4. click „download“ to start payment process

Price list for commercial use (utilization of pictures for purposes not related to tourism)

  • Advertising agencies for clients outside of tourism
  • Companies outside of tourism
  • PR agencies
  • Publishing houses for postcards, books, DVDs,…

Price per image (printable files with a resolution of 300 dpi) is EUR 110,- net (20 % VAT not included).

This price includes a license issued by the Austrian National Tourist Office to publish the image for the agreed purpose and for one-time usage, limited to one year. The end-user license only covers usage of these photographs in the form provided. Under no circumstances does it cover editing or alteration of the photographs.

Transfer of the usage permission to a third party is explicitly prohibited without prior written consent of the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Please pay attention to our General Terms & Conditions.

Photo credits

In accordance with the Copyright Act, wherever photographs from the Austrian National Tourist Office photo database are published, the owner of the copyright must always be acknowledged as the origin of the photo followed by the name of the photographer (where available) separated by a forward slash. This information must be placed in such a manner that an observer can easily attribute the photo credit to the relevant photograph. For online use the credits must be added in the imprint or via mouse-over function.

Any customer failing to publish this photo credit can expect his end-user licenses – also for other photographs – to be revoked immediately. The customer will also be liable for all claims and damages whatsoever, but in particular for any third-party claims against the Austrian National Tourist Office.

In the bottom right corner of a photograph, e.g.:
Photo: © Austrian National Tourist Office / Gerhard Weinkirn