Price list for commercial non-touristic use

Österreich Werbung (the Austrian National Tourist Office) has an image database with numerous images that are used to promote Austrian tourism.

Österreich Werbung not only maintains its image database for its own advertising campaigns, but also makes selected images available to other interested parties under the conditions agreed for their purposes – provided they do not conflict with Österreich Werbung’s mission.

The images currently available from Österreich Werbung are stored on the Internet at the address and can be viewed and selected there.

Order images

The prerequisite for ordering images is the truthful indication of the type and scope of the intended use and truthful indication of the professional group to which the orderer belongs.

Österreich Werbung is free to refuse orders without giving reasons or to restrict the Permission to Use the Images. Provided you accept this, you can purchase the desired images at

  1. Click on "Register" and log in under "Commercial non-touristic users" if this applies to you.

  2. Search for the desired images using the search field or topics.

  3. Drag the selected image into the collection area at the bottom of the image.

  4. Click on "Download" and start the payment process.

Prices for commercial non-touristic use

  • Advertising agencies for clients outside the tourism industry,

  • Companies outside the tourist industry,

  • PR agencies,

  • Publishers of postcards, books, travel guides, ...

The price per photograph (300 dpi print quality) is EUR 110,- net (excl. 20% VAT).

The price includes the Permission to Use the Image, which is limited to a single use exclusively for the agreed purpose for one year. The Permission to Use the Images only includes the use of these images in their present form. Under no circumstances does it include editing or altering the images or passing them on to third parties.

Please note our General Terms and Conditions.

Picture credits

Whenever an image from the Österreich Werbung image database is used, the copyright holder must be named as the source of the image, followed by the name of the photographer after a slash. The reference must be made so that the description of the image can be easily assigned to the image in question when it is viewed. The picture credits may be placed directly in or next to the picture or on a separate copyright page in a printed work. The copyright page must indicate the exact location of the image. For websites, a mouse-over function can also be used (this does not apply to the mobile version of a website).

In the bottom right corner of the image, for example, it says photo: "© Österreich Werbung / Gerhard Weinkirn".

Anyone who fails to provide a picture credit can expect the immediate revocation of the Permission to Use the Images – and not just the image(s) in question – and is liable for all damages incurred by Österreich Werbung due to the failure to provide the correct picture credit.